Price list for external users


The Illumina HiSeq

Our prices are comparable to those to those of other academic research facilities and typically much cheaper than commercial service providers. We also aim to provide extended bioinformatics advice on how to maximise the information that can be gained from your NGS data.

We currently have HiSeq 3000, NextSeq and MiSeq machines, each of which produces data in a different quantity and time frame. Please contact us to discuss which is more appropriate for your requirements, if you are uncertain. Since the machines will be upgraded according to the needs of the facility, please check out our current machine specifications if you have not used a service for a while.

Prices from Apr 2018

This table is designed to give an indication of the current price structure, but please contact us for a detailed price list.

HiSeq 3000MiSeq
Paired end reads:
150 bp
Paired end reads:
150 bp
Paired end reads:
250 bp
Paired end reads:
300 bp
Current run price per lane*£2,990
including VAT
including VAT
including VAT
including VAT
Last updated 18th Apr 2018

All prices include VAT which has to be charged to all users using money not in a University of Leeds account.

* It is possible to run multiple libraries on a single lane, depending on the desired read depth and library type/technique.

** The price of sequencing is probably going to decrease or remain the same for the near future so these prices should be OK for grants

NextSeq 500
Output typeSingle end: 75 bpPaired end: 75 bp
High Output Kit
(up to 400 million inserts)
including VAT
including VAT
Medium Output kit
(up to 130 million inserts)
including VAT

Unusual NextSeq 500 run configurations

Sequencing kits for the NextSeq 500 are sold by the total number of nucleotides sequenced with 75 bp, 150 bp and 300 bp kits on offer. Since it's possible to modify the length of each read independently, we can perform unusual sequencing runs as long as the total number of bases sequenced doesn't exceed the capacity of the sequencing kit. Consequently, we can offer a wide range of run types such as 150 bp single end read or 200 bp read paired to a 100 bp read. If you wish to use an unusual run configuration please feel free to email us to discuss your needs.

Library production costs

If you would prefer to have your libraries made for you, the cost per library is shown in the table below. We have extensive experience using a range of library preparation methods, and are very happy to discuss your requirements and answers questions and queries (emails here).


Library type Comments Sample number Price per sample including VAT
NEBNext Ultra DNA Library DNA libraries with no fragmentation step:
This library is typically for small PCR amplicons.
NEBNext Ultra DNA Library DNA libraries with a fragmentation step:
This library is typically for long PCR amplicons or whole genomes.
TruSeq Stranded mRNA library mRNA (polyA selection):
This library will not capture RNA molecules without a polyA tail
TruSeq Stranded Total RNA Library lnc and mRNA (ribosomal depletion):
This library will contain all long RNA molecules (not tRNA, mircoRNA, rRNA or mitochondrial)
SureSelect XT Human All Exon V6 Exome and custom capture
This method selects for DNA sequences of interest. This price is for Agilent exome (v6), but can be for any pulldown reagent. However, the price will vary form the exome price shown. Typically a custom pulldown will cost about £3,500 for 16 samples.

Consideration for Library production


If the run fails due to failure of the machine as judged by Illumina's diagnostic system, we will re-run your samples free of charge.

On the other hand, refunds will not be issued in the event that data fails to meet your expectations, but the sequencing machine didn't experience any problems.

If you supply your own libraries, we will perform a quality control step on each one and discuss the appropriateness of proceeding with sequencing. Similarly, we will discuss the appropriateness of running a library made by us and if you elect to sequence a library we deem of low quality, we will not be responsible for the outcome. Depending on our assessment of the initial sample quality, we may remake a library at no additional cost if the library creation failed part way through the procedure.

In no instance will we responsible for the cost of producing the initial template sample used to create the library.